Software Prototyping for Camera Systems


FiveFocal Imager simulates and outputs images as if they came from a real camera.

Whether you have expert knowledge of all of the system components or not, Imager’s intuitive interface allows you to independently change camera parameters so you can see their impact on visual image quality or algorithm performance.

The quick and easy to use physics based model delivers trusted results, so you can explore and communicate complex tradeoffs with confidence and reduce development time and risk.

Camera Comparison

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Whether the end goal is abstract (create a pretty picture) or a poorly bounded objective (make sure the algorithm won’t fail under any conditions), capturing the system specifications that will produce the right imagery is not straightforward.

It is often difficult to tell how much of a reduction in MTF or contrast will be noticeable and it is not clear how much distortion will cause an algorithm to fail. Imaging conditions like poor illumination or motion make it even harder to define acceptable margins. It feels like guesswork.

FiveFocal Imager brings clarity by enabling you to visualize images as if they came from a real camera under the conditions you specify. Our software does this by including radiometry, detailed physics-based lens and sensor models, and image pipeline algorithms – all with accessible parameters that you control in units that make sense. Easily translate an acceptable image into the specifications that are required to get you there.

Face Detection Comparison

Communicate the Key Trade-offs

Camera system trade-offs are complex and difficult to communicate.

Whether you are exploring the limits of depth of field, illumination conditions with high dynamic range imaging, or minimum MTF requirements with sharpening, you know there will be trade-offs and the decisions you make are critical for your success.

FiveFocal Imager enables you to easily explore, visualize, and understand your system trade-offs. Try out “what if” scenarios using independent control over your component parameters and have confidence that our physics-based software will accurately predict the outcome. Visualize results in real time and use images to communicate trade-offs with the team.

Landscape Image

Quickly Get to the Right Hardware

We understand that the real challenge occurs when systems are implemented in hardware.

With our software, you will be ready for that challenge.

Virtually prototype different builds to find the one that meets your imaging goals and reduces risk. Simulate images as if they came from a real system under adverse conditions to understand the limits of your hardware and tune your image pipeline. Run test charts through the full system model so you can predict your measured performance and understand the root cause of manufacturing issues.

Have confidence in your hardware choices and accelerate your testing and algorithm development.