Camera Specifications

Developing camera specifications for a new imaging system can be daunting. Your application may have specific imaging requirements some of which may require tradeoffs and careful selection of components in order to achieve your goals. A requirement for low-light camera performance, for example, influences the required pixel size, achievable resolution, lens F/#, shutter speeds, limits on lens aberrations, and MTF characteristic among other parameters. Whether you are using off-the-shelf components or you will custom design your camera, understanding the interplay between the components is difficult without a sophisticated model.

FiveFocal’s Imager software enables you to understand the required camera specifications and the influence that each component will have on meeting them. With Imager you can visually and quantitatively see how pixel size and full well affect resolution and dynamic range. If you need a fast, small F/# lens for low light conditions, you can quickly understand how that requirement influences depth-of-field, shutter speed, resolution and other metrics. Get to the right specifications quickly with Imager.