FiveFocal brings Imager™ to Test Markets with Imatest

FiveFocal Imatest Announcement

FiveFocal brings Imager™ to Test Markets with Imatest

Boulder, CO USA, May 9th, 2016—FiveFocal LLC has signed an agreement with Imatest LLC to resell Imager™ camera simulation software into international markets and to serve the needs of the camera test and validation industries.

Imager™ allows you to reduce testing set-up time and cost. Used together with Imatest, these software packages allow you to determine the optimal test configuration – test charts, spatial frequencies, target placement, lighting, and motion requirements – in order to minimize the number of measurements, uncertainty, and testing time.

FiveFocal’s flagship software, Imager™, allows customers to virtually prototype imaging systems. Imager’s physics-based model generates simulated images as if they came from a real camera. Accurate image simulations enable customers to quickly understand the impact of component selection and specifications on image quality, thereby reducing time, risk, and cost of developing a camera system.

Imatest, the leading software for image quality analysis, is widely used for testing cameras in R&D and at the point of manufacture. Used together, Imager™ and Imatest enable you to understand what image quality your system will achieve before investing in hardware. Use Imager™ to simulate results and configure your test set up before your hardware arrives. Verify with Imatest that simulated images from the virtual test set-up meet the test objectives.

FiveFocal CEO, Alan Baron, remarked “Having Imatest as a reseller extends our international sales reach and enables us to expand into the testing market. Modeling and simulation with Imager will enable engineers to reduce the time and cost of test setup which is a significant advantage in the faced-paced camera manufacturing segment”

Imatest CEO, Jeff Herman, stated “We are pleased to partner with FiveFocal. Imager allows system sub-components to be virtually tested at the beginning of the development cycle, before hardware is even purchased. Imatest’s comprehensive software can then characterize the simulated device’s overall image quality to determine if it meets specifications. Ultimately, this workflow saves time and money during the product development process.”

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