FiveFocal Guest Lectures at the University of Colorado

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FiveFocal Guest Lectures at the University of Colorado

Dr. Kenneth Kubala of FiveFocal used Imager as part of his guest lecture on Modern Optical System Design in Professor Barsic’s Optoelectronic System Design Class at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Imager makes it easy to demonstrate optical and imaging concepts and tradeoffs in a very visual way. Its accurate component models allow students to virtually prototype imaging systems and quickly develop intuition on even the most difficult system concepts.

For example, Imager’s visual interface was used to clearly illustrate complex imaging behavior such as:

  • Tradeoffs between resolution, SNR, exposure time, motion, and MTF on visual image quality
  • The relationship between MTF and the monochromatic and polychromatic aberrations
  • Aliasing of high spatial frequencies in undersampled imaging systems

As part of the guest lecture, Imager was made available to all of the students to use on their class projects.  To use Imager in your curriculum, contact FiveFocal to set up a free trial and on-line demonstration.

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