Lens Design

FiveFocal Offers Software and Services for Advanced Camera Design

Our Software:

As a lens designer, it is often difficult to get to the right specifications and to understand the impact of different tradeoffs on imaging performance. Even calculating what seem to be simple metrics like the FOV in light of distortion and sensor tilt is difficult. Trying to answer complex questions like “What will my SNR be with 10 lux of Type D illuminant?“ or “Will I be able to see a pedestrian at 100m” is even more challenging.

FiveFocal Imager helps you to work with your customer and internal team to better define specifications, and to gain confidence in the design results before committing to expensive custom hardware. It allows you to understand the visual impact of cost vs. yield tradeoffs when trying to understand if it would be advantageous to slightly lower a specification based on manufacturing challenges. Imager helps you find the right balance.

Our Services:

Whether you need help with a lens design, analysis, modeling/simulation, or help getting your solution to the right manufacturing partner, you have come to the right place.  FiveFocal offers the right services for solving your imaging system challenge.

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