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How to work with FiveFocal – Our Process

Based on our extensive experience running engineering services projects, we have developed a process that allows us to quickly converge to a set of proposed deliverables, along with the project cost and schedule. This allows us to understand at a very early stage if our services are a good fit with your needs and your resources. If we can’t help you, we refer you to someone that we know can.

There are two typical types of projects we take on, camera design/analysis projects, and projects that customize our software products.


Design Services

Our process for design services generally follows this flow:

  1. Introductory Phone Call or Meeting – At this stage we gain an understanding of your needs and describe our relevant capabilities. During the introductory discussion, we provide estimates of the time and budget for the proposed work.
  2. Development of the Statement of Work – We put together a document that details the work we will do for you, provides a clear description of the deliverables, and provides the budget and schedule. As part of the statement of work, we also include our terms and conditions; designed to be simple so you can integrate the design into your product without worry.
  3. Feasibility Study – Typically as part of the first task, we will generate the preliminary design of the system for you in order to determine its feasibility. If your goals can’t be met, we present the best options for you. At this stage, we communicate the key tradeoffs, so you can best position your product for success.
  4. Detailed Design – Rigorous design and analysis are applied to get to a robust solution. A full report of the results is presented, often using Trades along with manufacturing and testing options.
  5. Hardware Support – At this point, the design is yours to prototype or manufacture. We provide recommendations for manufacturing partners and can support the transition of the design to manufacturing as needed.
  6. Prototype Support – When you have your hardware back, we support you with hardware analysis at an hourly rate.


Software Customization

Our process for custom software generally follows this flow:

  1. Introductory Phone Call or Meeting – The purpose of the phone call is to see if your needs can be met by extending the functionality of our software product(s). If we identify customizations or extensions that will support your design and analysis process, we provide time and budget estimates for custom software that can help you better meet your goals.
  2. Development of the Statement of Work / Specifications Document – We put together a document that details the work we will do for you, provides a clear description of the deliverable, and provides the budget and schedule
  3. Interface Mock-up – For cases where a new interface is being developed, we provide wireframes that describe what the interface will look like along with a description of how you will interact with it.
  4. Development – During the development stage, we enhance one of our existing software packages for your use. We then deliver it to you and teach you how to use the new functionality for solving your challenging imaging problem.
  5. Feedback, Refinement, and Support – We offer a period for providing feedback where we can refine the software to better meet your needs if any issues arise.  Typically the software deliverable provides an extended support period and the integration of any new functionally or enhancements that are added to the main product line.

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