What We Offer

Design Services – Overview

At FiveFocal, we believe in using the power of system-level thinking to help you create innovative products.  Our mission is to bring our decades of system-level design experience to your imaging project.

Key Capabilities

  • Lens design and trade studies with end-to-end performance metrics
  • Technology assessment – see if a new technology will be beneficial given your imaging goal
  • As-built performance and tolerance analysis
  • Athermalization
  • Straylight analysis
  • Image modeling for algorithm failure under adverse conditions
  • Transition to vetted manufacturers
  • Prototype validation support
  • Customization/enhancement of our software products for your specific needs

How can FiveFocal’s Design Services help you?


Get to the right specifications – We understand how to interpret high level imaging goals and determine the component specifications that best meet your performance, size, weight, and cost goals.

Design your lens or system – Whether the goal is to get to a production ready design, acquire a concept design, or understand the limits and tradeoffs of what can be achieved, access our world-class design team and state-of-the-art tools to quickly get to the best solution.  Our terms and conditions ensure that you will have ownership to develop and manufacture your novel system.

Push the state-of-the-art – With an existing camera product, there are often opportunities to reduce cost or improve performance.  Employ our services to explore trade-offs that will make your product stand out.



Know how your system will perform before investing in hardware.

We can virtually prototype your full system so that it outputs images as if they came from the final system. This allows you to understand your end performance or generate data that can be used to evaluate and improve your algorithms.

Understand your system’s as-built performance. Not only do we evaluate the impact of manufacturing tolerances on your lens performance, we also evaluate how the tolerances impact the full system performance and your product’s yield.

Model your system’s stray light performance. Catch any issues with strong in-field and out-of-field sources and use the analysis results to mitigate problems.

Model system performance over temperature. Know how well your system is athermalized and if it provides adequate performance through your expected temperature range.



Identify and transition your design to the right manufacturer – We have worked with over 25 lens manufacturers and know their constraints and capabilities. Their volumes range from millions a month to one. We direct you to the right manufacturing partner and support you through the process.

Root cause analysis – If you see differences between your hardware and your design we can help you identify the cause of the differences. Leverage our experience developing advanced prototypes that have extended the state of the art and identify the process and manufacturing errors that are out of spec.


Software Customization

Enhance Imager™ based on your specific needs – We can generate scripts to model a novel architecture, create scripts to generate datasets, or we can introduce a new feature/capability into the interface that has not yet been implemented.  We are here to help you integrate Imager into your workflow, and to make your current and future projects more successful.

Visualize large and complex trade spaces – We can deliver custom software to help you visualize your complex lens and/or system trade space. Let our software help you determine the right specifications and components for your imaging problem and to provide insight for your future development.

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