Why FiveFocal?

Our Experience:

FiveFocal has successfully completed over 100 engineering services projects spanning a large range of applications/industries such as:


From miniature computational imagers to space telescopes, we have completed projects that challenge our thinking and refine our tools. A small list of completed projects includes the design of lenses, systems, and/or algorithms for the following applications:

  • Mobile time of flight sensinglenses
  • 360° cameras for security and autonomous navigation
  • Hand held fluorescence microscopy for cell counting and anomaly detection
  • Miniature near-infrared, short-wave, mid-wave, and thermal infrared systems
  • Ultra-low light wide field of view security cameras
  • Multiple aperture (multiple sensor) endoscopes
  • Systems and algorithms for simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
  • Head tracking cameras
  • Head-up displays
  • Near eye displays
  • Extended depth of field contact lens
  • Wafer-scale optics
  • Foveated imaging systems
  • Post capture tunable depth of field and super resolution
  • Retinal imaging
  • High speed automated defect detection

The success of these projects relied on our internally developed software which allowed us to understand complex system-level tradeoffs and find optimum solutions to these challenging problems.

Our Custom Software:

We leverage industry standard design tools when we can, but have also developed custom software to solve problems that commercially available tools cannot address.


Petzval is our system-level design and optimization software which allows design with novel degrees of freedom such as:

  • Advanced surfaces and materials
  • Nested and arrayed architectures
  • Pixel pitch, number of pixels, noise, full well
  • Image processing
  • The display and the human visual system

In addition to allowing novel degrees of freedom, with Petzval we can optimize towards the end system metrics that you care the most about:

  • Size/Weight/Performance
  • Yield/Manufacturability
  • Probability of task performance with a human observer, or algorithm task performance

Trades™ Overview:

Trades is used for decision making for complex trade spaces and allows you to:

  • Visually compare hundreds of solutions (component or system configurations)
  • Down select to systems that best meet your imaging goals

Trades allows you to visualize the component and system tradeoffs so you select the solution that best meets your system goals.

Imager™ Overview:

Imager™ is our camera system virtual prototyping software. In Imager™ we can model your system in software before you invest in hardware. Imager creates images as if they came from a real camera including the effects of:

  • Illumination
  • Object
  • Lens
  • Sensor
  • Processing

We use Imager to verify that the new system will meet your imaging goals.

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