Virtual Prototyping

If you have ever wished you could create a virtual prototype of your camera BEFORE you buy the components and integrate it into your drone, robotic platform, medical device or other application, then FiveFocal Imager is suited especially for you. Putting together a working camera system requires selecting and integrating imaging components based only on datasheets and your knowledge of how these components will interact. Expect a first hardware prototype to have unexpected characteristics – too narrow a field of view, insufficient resolution, unacceptable motion blur, or poor image quality.

FiveFocal Imager enables virtual prototyping of your imaging system before physically building your camera, or worse, integrating it into a platform only to find it doesn’t meet the anticipated performance. Using the components you have designed or selected, verify the expected image quality and characteristics, then make changes in Imager and identify the correct components before committing to expensive hardware. Imager’s virtual prototyping reduces development time and risk.